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We chose Custom Choice Construction to renovate our main floor bathroom. It’s a small space and we knew it would be a challenge. Paul and Romy came in and did a wonderful job! They were so helpful and professional! The end result was exactly what we envisioned. We would recommend them to anyone needing a professional, trustworthy contractor!


They seem to strive for perfection.


They do a great job!


Paul was very good about communicating with me, which greatly reduced problems and misunderstandings. Paul and Romy were very careful to plan steps before executing them; they measured twice and, sometimes, three times to be sure that they would not make a mistake placing cabinetry and tile. We went about 10% over budget but that was within the contracted margin for contingencies. The schedule for my remodel did not have a critical deadline. It went longer than originally planned but we agreed to each scheduling issue. I have two minor concerns: 1. They did not always clean up at the end of the day to the degree that I expected. After expressing my concern, they did a better. My concern is that I don't end up tracking paint or joint compound or dust into the rest of the house. I still have a couple of spots where paint or joint compound is on my wood floor and there is some insulation debris on the ground outside the front and back doors after they replaced them. 2. The drywall on the ceiling quickly developed hairline cracks at the joints. This may have been a materials problem, as the drywall delivered in or right after a rain; even with letting the sheets dry, they may still be shrinking. Paul has examined the cracks and has promised to fix them.


They are great! They are the nicest people and were so much help.


Thanks for doing a wonderful job!! Will look forward to working with you again on the next project!! Thanks again.


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